Inoperative weight

The combination of the latest information technology and expertise in weighing operations
Possibilities of the SKELYA system
Flexible configuration of any equipment connected to the system
Dashboards displaying instrument readings and equipment online
Event notifications via e-mail, sms, viber, telegram
Synchronization with other accounting systems (1C, SAP, MS Dynamics, etc.)
Remote software update for Smart Scales controller
Data collection and analysis
  • Registration of contactless cards or labels for vehicle identification.
  • Control of the correct placement of the car on a weighing platform during weighing by means of infrared sensors
  • Determining the presence of the driver in the cab when weighing
  • Identification of transport by means of RFID cards or labels on a windshield of the car;
  • Output of information about the weighing process on the driver's display
  • Sending messages with weighing data to the driver in the messenger.
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